Mihai Ducea


We have a state of the art clean lab opened in 2008. Column chemistry for several elements (Sr, Rb, Ca, K, REE, U, Pb, Fe, etc). Several stills, milliq water systems, ample fume hood space including perchloric. Ultraclean spaces for select applications.  

photo credit: Anca Barla


Franz, Wiffley table, heavy liquids shatterbox, several binocular scopes, small jawcrusher for grinding samples down to powders or separating minerals for various analyses. Petrographic scope, Micromill for spatially controlled sampling, microdrill for cutting small disks from samples.  

Mihai Ducea


Two vintage Sector 54 VG machines are in use, one with a 20 sample turret, the other with 6 sample holders. Both have motorized collectors and have major upgrades since their birth. Sr, Nd, Ca, U-Pb isotopes are the main applications.  



We run an X Series 2 Thermo Quad ICP-MS in solution mode and an ISOPROBE multicollector ICP-MS, also in solution mode. First is used mainly for trace elemental analyses on whole rocks, the second goes to common Pb isotopes as well as unconventionals, Fe, Cu.  

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